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In this section of our Web site we gathered information that is most commonly asked by our clients, as well as information that might be useful for You to know.

You can view Incoterms to find classification what terms of shipment you are planning to use. A lot of requests we receive requesting container sizes, so we gathered all information available on this subject on this page. In Glossary we explain most shipping terms that are used today, as well as most common abbreviations you may find in shipping business.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask and cannot find answers, please visit our FAQ page, maybe you'll find your answer there.

Anytime you can view currency exchange rates in Ukraine, weather in Odessa, as well as current exchange rate for MasterCard and VISA cards. Inches to centimetres, gallons to liters - answers here! Now you can view current monitoring of vessel traffic in Odessa and Ilyichevsk ports. Full list of International Telephone Codes and Internet Country Zones are on this page.

Should you wish to exchange banners with our Web site, please visit this page, and we'll be glad to cooperate!