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Frequently Asked Questions pages


We are glad to see You on pages of our Web site! As we receive a lot of questions every day about containers, and transportations using containers as well as other methods of moving cargo, we decided to explain to You briefly about our work.

In this section You will find overview and history of containers, what kind of containers exist, how everything moves on port terminal, how containers are loaded and stowed, what kind of vessels move your cargo in containers, how general cargo is handled in most large sea ports, as well as how heavy cargo is loaded and discharged.

We then went even further, and included several video clips for You to view explaining how cargo should be handled, and that You can be aware of what risks can be encountered and how to overcome them. After completing reading this section of our Web site You should have complete picture of how Your containers and cargo are handled, moved, stowed and stored in ports.

If You have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.