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I represent American company in New Jersey, and we signed contract with company in Russia for transportation of our goods to their warehouse in Moscow. Can we use your services for transportation and customs clearance in Russia?
Of course! We will be happy to assist you, and provide full service to take your cargo from your warehouse and deliver it to your clients in Moscow, or any other town in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and all CIS. We can provide all logistics services to your client, and assure you that everything will be done fast, efficient, and with no problems whatsoever.

We are a freight-forwarding company in China, and we have lowest freight rates on the market. How can we cooperate with you?
We are very happy that you can provide us with the best possible freight rates from China. However, please note that we work on continuous basis with several chinese companies that offer us pretty good rates, and we have several contracts directly with carriers that enable us to offer very competitive rates to our clients.
If you are still sure that we can cooperate, and would like to work with us, please be advised that we work with new partners from China on the following basis: your company provides us with container for transporting from any port in Ukraine to it's final destination, and we provide you with the same number of containers for transporting from China. After all, you will do all the freight-forwarding work necessary for transporting the container from factory to port, and will do all the port operations. We also want such clients here

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