15 years

Cheap Ocean Freight and Free Quotes

EURANS Logistics Group is glad to offer our clients and partners cheap ocean freight rates according to more than 20 direct service contracts signed with ocean carriers as well as over 50 contracts with leading freight forwarding companies worldwide. Our network of agents worldwide, with whom we cooperate for over 10 years covering almost all major ports worldwide allows us to gurantee to our clients highest possible service in the process of ocean delivery, as well as in any port operations worldwide and delivery of cargo to it's final destination either by means of auto, or rail transportation.

Every month we are doing our best to increase cargoflow, negotiating with ocean carriers to provide our clients even more rebates on freight rate on the most popular container routes. We continually strive to move our clients' cargo as cheaply as possible, always monitoring quality of service by ocean carriers. Implementation of modern technology schemes in our business allow us to optimize delivery time and minimize expenses on the way of cargo movement. Our agents, representatives, and partners inform us 24/7 about cargo movement, and vessel schedules that would be most convenient for our clients. In case of any possibly arising problems on any cluster of container's way, we switch immediately it's way on the safest one minimizing all possible delays of cargo.

We offer to our clients special demurrage and storage terms in ports of loading and ports of discharge. Our clients always have full information when their cargo is stuffed, when it arrives to port, and when it will leave port of loading for it's final destination. We also inform of any transshipment ports calling (if any), and when container arrives to port of discharge. Instead of primising, we do everything possible from our side to make business of our clients even more comfortable and enjoying. At any time you can track your container by it's number, or by the number of master bill of lading. It's enough to let us know contact details of shipper, and our agent will contact him straight away offering the best way to deliver your cargo by providing the highest quality of service. From this moment we'll be able to take full control of your cargo movement, and inform you of complete details about your cargo. By continually communicating with our partners worldwide, we'll choose the best possible route for your cargo. In case chosen carrier does not have necessary equipment, we switch that carrier immediately to another one without any time losses.

Depending on requirements of our clients we can get your cargo directly from the factory, or shipper's door, as well as on FOB terms, i.e. from port of discharge. No matter from what is your discharge, and/or arrival port cooperating with EURANS Logistics Group you will get better service thanks to our experience, and more competitive price. For instance, if you have to deliver your cargo from Shenzhen (China) to Hamburg (Germany), we can offer you more competitive freight rate thanks to our rebates on ocean freight, and minimal commission for this service, because by getting to transport your cargo we increase our cargo traffic, and in the future will be able to offer even better rebates for You and all our clients.

That is why if you need to deliver your cargo from Hong Kong to Australia - please fill in Application form, and see for yourself that our freight rate will be lower than any you'll get. We'll be glad to answer all questions You might have regarding trasporting your goods, just fill in Application form, send us e-mail, or contact us in the most convenient for You way.