15 years

Stevedore operations in Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhniy ports


EURANS Logistics Group has great experience in stevedore operations in port of Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhniy. Major areas of our business include terminal operations, stevedore services, heavy equipment handling and project research and management. Our experience is extremely diverse and of great depth.

Our success in providing safe and efficient job in this field is primarily due to an outstanding team of our managers that do perfect job to properly plan your project and direct our skilled work force. Flexibility has always been the key to success in Ukrainian ports. At EURANS Logistics Group our managers are given the authority to make important decisions on-site and our staff is continually trained in industry procedures and safety issues. Good training and responsive customer service means every project is handled cost efficiently and effectively.

Year-in and year-out we move containers, automobiles, modular buildings, mining products, seafood, petroleum industry materials, timber products, construction materials and all other types of cargo. We can handle moves ranging from heavy-lift / high value to a simple pallet of parts.

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