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Cargo insurance


The probability of sustaining a loss on goods in transit is greater than you may think. On average, three ships sink every week. Long voyages, extensive moving and shifting of cargo, theft, and bad weather all add substantially to the potential for loss or damage.

Many shippers are misled into relying on the carrier to pay for losses in transit. That can be a major mistake. Law or tariff restrictions limit the liability of most carriers. Also, most carriers are not responsible for losses which are unforeseeable and beyond their control.

There is a genuine need for Cargo Insurance, and few insurance agents are able to fill that need effectively. At EURANS Logistics Group - it's our primary business. We will work with you to design an insurance policy, which meets your unique transportation needs.

Among the many options we can offer:

  • Ocean and airfreight coverage
  • Inland truck or rail coverage
  • Comprehensive all risk, warehouse-to-warehouse coverage (including high risk countries)
  • Product deterioration and/or refrigeration breakdown protection
  • Product recall or rejection
  • Highly technical or sensitive equipment
  • Contingency coverage
  • Perishable items
  • Container insurance
  • Multinational processing, distribution and/or warehousing (including bonded warehousing)
  • Project relocation
  • War risks protection
  • Strikes, riots and civil commotion.

We can provide additionally a comprehensive cargo insurance program as a part of the service package in addition to freight forwarding services. Insurance can be provided for shipments made by ocean, air, rail and truck, and can cover a variety of perils using an all risk policy. We can include special endorsements to insure freight which is not covered by a typical cargo policy.

Examples include:

  • Freight at points of consolidation such as an NVOCC facility
  • Freight sold on FOB/FAS/CFR terms - some marine policies will not attach until the cargo is loaded on the vessel
  • Debris removal - cleanup costs associated with a cargo loss.

It is important to have a flexible rate schedule that gives You competitive rates for a broad variety of cargo, origins and destinations. For the occasional circumstance when your open cargo policy will not apply, rely on our expertise to arrange an amendment to Your policy or obtain coverage through an alternative insurer.

In any case, we will work out Your special insurance schedule should you require one!

Please have a look at the following video, from which you can see why it is so important to insure your cargo when shipping by sea, and have a look at photos of container accidents, that may happen while transporting Your cargo by sea.