15 years

Intermodal transportation to and from Odessa


According to your specific transportation needs we can offer you outstanding quality of intermodal transportation. Intermodal Transportation is simply a method by which cargo is shipped using more than one mode of transport. Dependent upon service area, the greatest advantage of using Intermodal Transportation is a reduction in freight costs. In some locations, these savings can be very significant. Other advantages include a decrease of highway congestion and reduction of ecological pollution. Also, most transit times are extremely competitive.

At EURANS Logistics Group we understand that in managing today's supply chain, success depends on providing just in time inventory at the best possible value. Every day we examine all possible alternatives to conventional truck lines especially in light of skyrocketing rates brought on by the rise in fuel and insurance costs. We can assure our clients that intermodal transportation is exactly that alternative.

We can arrange such intermodal transportations:

  • Railway-water
  • Container
  • Auto transportation
  • Combined door-to-door transportation
  • Combined ROAD-RAIL transportation
  • Other individually selected solutions for Your needs

We can offer haulage arrangement using a combination of different types of transport, including door-to-door delivery scheme.

Combining the best qualities of railway, automobile, and sea transport allows us to create shipment schemes which meet our client's requirements as closely as possible with the minimal costs.

Our network of representative offices and our long-term relationships with our superb agents allow us to take complete control over each stage of the carriage process.

If you wish to find out of the best solution for your shipment, we will always be glad to help You!