15 years

Advantages of cooperating with EURANS Ltd.


For years of its activity on the Ukrainian market of freight forwarding services EURANS Logistics Group has proved as a reliable and responsible business partner. We understand, that You should receive professional and competitive service, therefore we always offer services, which on quality, efficacy and efficiency always one step ahead of our competitors. Especially we highly appreciate friendly attitude with our partners which we carefully keep and develop further.

One of unconditional advantages of EURANS Logistics Group are its employees. Selection of our carefully chosen personnel are young, arrogant, and strong leaders. Our employees know exactly the needs of each partner of the company, and carefully observe the established rules of business.

Our work is built precisely on structure of delivery from door to door for over 8 years giving us the possibility to provide all kinds of freight forwarding services. Thus, main feature of our company is versatility. Besides that, we undertake to organize transportation of cargoes of any complexity, and we can organize necessary expediting and insurance of your cargoes.

First of all, services we provide to our customers are well known for it's stability and reliability to everybody. We cooperate only with those companies and foreign agents which have well proved it's reputation over the years on the market, have wide experience of work in transportation field. We are interested in that having contacted us, you could work easily and confidently as at any moment you will receive from us qualified help or advice on any questions which can arise in the process of cargo transportation. Besides, experts of our company can provide transportations in any volume, as well as any complexity.

Closely cooperating with all ocean carriers in the Black Sea region, we can offer you significant discounts for sea and ocean transportations since we buy these services for wholesale prices, having signed a number of service contracts with ocean carriers.

In case of adverse change in service of ocean carriers, whether it be increase of rates of ocean freight, or increase in transit time we can switch your cargo traffic to other ocean carrier which is more favourable to cooperate at present time.

We have an opportunity to deliver Your cargo from China and Indonesia to Moscow, as well as to a number of other Southeast cities of Russia faster, than if you deliver it through Saint Petersburg, at the same cost of transportation.

We bear full responsibility for the organization of cargo handling, the organization of transportation, the organization of registration of commodity-covering documents, as well as shipping documents. Our employees possess full information on properties of cargo, ways of its transportation, and all possible reefs which are coming to light in the process of transportation. We also carry out any kind of multimodal transportations. We know, that similar services are great rarity, and we besides love them.